Evolution Line Edit

Evil Angel Evoarrow Succubus Evoarrow Demoness Evoarrow Inferno Baroness Evoarrow Deviless

Evolution Artifacts Edit

Ds item elixir of powerRare Elixir of Power
Ds item polyjuiceRare Shapeshifting Potion
Ds item demonic keyEpic Key to Hell's Gate
Cost: Icon coins 29760

Gold version Edit

Ds item salamander tailRare Salamander Tail
Ds item forbidden knowledgeRare Forbidden Knowledge
Ds item diablo machinationsEpic Devil's Game
Cost: Icon coins 100,000

Locations Edit

Fire Gloomy Gorge (7)
Fire Dark Side (8)
Dark White Scull (9)
Fire Mist Gate (9)
Dark Cemetery Lane (10)
Fire Resin Torches (10)
Dark Bag of Bones (11)
Fire Sea of Sparks (11)
Fire Flaming Mountain (12)