Fluid and elusive like a dream, venomous like envy. It's an absolute must even for a burgeoning alchemist!

Used by

CommonDark Skeleton
CommonFire Evil Angel
RareWater Nautilus


Dark Graveyard (2)
Dark Grave Mound (5)
Dark Marble Crypt (6)
Dark Graves (8)
Dark Sullen Silence (18)
Dark Dead Kings Sleep (25)
Fire Last Refuge (3)
Fire Pile of Stones (4)
Fire Resin Torches (10)
Fire City of Lava (13)
Fire Citadel of the Seers Conclave (16)
Fire Hellfire (17)
Fire Wall of Fire (21)
Fire Sulfur Lakes (24)
Fire Muspelmheim (28)
Water Coast (1)
Water Port (2)
Water Shores of Despair (5)
Water Roaring Strait (6)
Water Scull Cape (7)
Water Sea Ground (9)
Water Final Voyage (10)
Water Coral Island (12)
Water Sharks Retreat (14)
Water Dark Deep (16)
Water Depthless Well (20)
Water Pearl Fields (22)
Water Warm Flow (23)
Water St. Elmo's Light (27)
Water The Palace of Poseidon (30)